Big Bill and Rebecca's Website

Rebecca likes horses and is very good at Minecraft

Ricky was here today

She also loves to swim and code on Fridays

We have a lovely family - she says

A site for us old'uns. Hi there you wrinklies

My name is Stupid Bill and I want to tell you a bit about my life...

I'm a 70yr old wrinkly who is concerned that my grandaughters homework is no longer understandable.

Being a radio ham I have linked in Essex Ham to help promote the hobby in Essex. Link!

I look just like Penfold!

  • Feel left behind by technology? I would like to thank the young guys at the Code Club who have helped me understand what is going on.
  • Fed up with grandchildren leaving you behind with their homework?
  • Surprise them by learning how to code by getting to grips with new thoughts and technology
  • Start thinking differently and watch the future unfold
  • Keep the brain going and ward off old age
  • Wow it takes some doing but we're getting there